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Penomet – The Penis Pump of The Future!

It’s no secret that the size of a man’s penis plays a key role in how they regard themselves sexually. This reality leads many men to doubt their own sexual ability, and can be the underlying cause for depression, anxiety, and lack of sexual desire.

For as long as men have had penises, there has been a desire to have a larger one. For most of human history, this has been impossible. Yet, thankfully, in the modern age there are several ways men can grow their penis in a natural and risk-free fashion.

Whilst there are many methods out there today for men to use, one of the most popular, and guaranteed methods is the penis pump. A revolutionary new penis pump, known as Penomet, has been rising in popularity as of late. Providing a unique and effective method for men to increase the size of their member.

As with any product that is rising in popularity, we knew we had to get a closer look. So, we picked up the Penomet penis pump, with the intention of learning what it is, how it works, and the science behind how it helps to increase penis size.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the Penomet penis pump!

What is Penomet?

Penomet is a modern penis pump, designed to help you increase the size of your member, as well as its girth. It focuses on offering a risk-free method of penis enlargement, whilst employing modern design methods to offer the best results.

The creators behind Penomet employed a team of design experts, as well as male health professions, to create the make and model of the Penomet device. The result is an incredibly impressive, highly engineered solution to increasing the size of your penis.

Since coming onto the market only a few years ago, Penomet has entered an extremely competitive market space. With male enhancement being overrun with several popular products. Despite this, Penomet has managed to see an impressive level of success in a time small.

The Core Benefits

Penomet comes with several core benefits that help it to stand out against other options on the market. Let’s take a step back, and take a broader stroke look at what these benefits are, and how they enhance the Penomet product.

Significant Growth Results

Unlike many other penis pump options on the market, Penomet promotes an impressive resume of results for users. The official statistic backed by industry testing into the product reflects that users can expect an overall growth of 30%, through their entire regiment of using the device.

Fast Results

Penomet, unlike many male enhancement options on the market, works incredibly quickly. Meaning you can enjoy those size increases the first time you use the device, without having to wait for these results to take root over weeks of use.

The device requires fifteen minutes of preparation time, and then you’re ready. It’s just that easy!

Incredibly Comfortable Design

The Penomet device has been designed with comfort as one of the foundational design philosophies. Using the device is impressively comfortable, and won’t leave any marks, bruises, or post-use soreness.

This is due to the expert design work that has done into the Penomet device, and is one of the top reasons for its wide-spread popularity.

Easy Maintenance

The Penomet device does not require any complex cleaning routines to keep the devices ready for its next use. Simply use warm water, and any soap of your choosing, to clean the device.

It’s important to note: You should clean the device after every use. This process should only take a few minutes at most.


The Penomet device has been designed to be completely waterproof. So, you never have to worry about damaging the device due to any unexpected fluids.

Who Should Use Penomet?

As long as you are over the age of eighteen, and want to increase the size of your penis for intercourse, then Penomet is designed for you.

The device does not target any one group specifically, providing a full range of results for men of all shapes and sizes. It is even an effective way for senior men to help remedy erectile dysfunction.

How Do I Use the Penomet Device?

Perhaps the most important aspect of getting the most out of the Penomet device is in how it is used. It’s important you follow the guidelines set out by the Penomet creators. Let’s take a moment to break down exactly how to use the device below.

Step One

You will have a selection of pressure gaiters, coloured for their strength. You can find a guide to these tension levels with your device. We recommend picking the purple gaiter first. Overtime, you can use increasingly strong gaiters.

Step Two

Attach the gaiter to the main Penomet cylinder.

Step Three

Place the Penomet device over your penis. For first time use, it is a good idea to do this in the shower, or bath. However, you can also do this without either. Pump the device several times to create a vacuum.

Step Four

Begin pumping the device every few minutes. This will increase the air pressure inside the device, so make sure to start slow, especially on your first time. Repeat this process over the course of 15-20 minutes.

Step Five

Once finished, press the valve on the side of the device. This will release the pressure inside the device, and allow you to remove the Penomet pump freely.

Step Six

After you have finished with the device, or after intercourse, make sure to wash and clean the Penomet pump. This will keep the device in pristine condition, as well as preserve its longevity.

Is The Penomet Device Safe?

Absolutely. There are no risks to using the Penomet device.

The device itself has undergone several industry tests, ensuring that it is almost impossible to injure yourself whilst using it. However, it’s important to note that you should not overdo the air pressure that you use in the device.

Whilst this won’t injure you, it can create soreness, and in worst cases, bruising. This would require you to apply an overwhelming amount of pressure, however, and it would be impossible to do this by mistake.

Are The Results Long Term?

The Penomet device focuses on short term results, primarily, which is how you will see an increase in the size of your penis so quickly. However, with repeated use, you will see an increase in your length and girth overtime.

This process usually takes between four to six weeks, to begin showing permanent results.

Where Can I Buy Penomet?

You can buy Penomet from its official website.

The creators behind the Penomet device offer multiple different packages for you to choose from. Let’s break down packages down below:

Hydropump Standard: For $127, you can get the standard Penomet device. Allowing you to begin increasing the size of your penis straight away!

Hydropump Extra: This package, costing $197, provides you with the Penomet device. As well as an extensive warranty, and a range of gaiter options for you to choose from. Allowing you to get the most out of the device.

Hydropump Premium: The premium package, costing $297, provides you with the Penomet device, as well as five different gaiter options. On top of this, you’ll get a 3-year warranty, and a carry bag as well!

All orders come with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with the device, and don’t get the results you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to send it back.

Is Penomet Delivery Discreet?


All Penomet products are delivered with discreet packaging. This means you won’t have to be concerned of anybody seeing what you’ve ordered. Protecting your privacy, even from people in the same household as you.

What Are People Saying About Penomet?

Usually, when it comes to penis pumps, there are often mixed responses from customers online. This is typically because many buy a device such as Penomet with the wrong expectations.

However, with Penomet, we noticed that this trend does not carry over. The vast majority of online publications, as well as customer reviews online, are incredibly positive.

The Penomet device has helped thousands of men all over the world gain a larger, and more enjoyable, penis size. With many industry experts putting Penomet at the top of their list when it comes to penis pump solutions.

Our Final Verdict

Penis pumps are an extensive niche in the male enhancement world, and it can be difficult for new products to truly stand out when they are released. Despite this, Penomet has managed to carve out an impressive corner of the male enhancement market.

The device offers guaranteed results, coupled with a high level of safety. Providing a way for men to gain a larger penis, and get the most out of their sex lives.

If you’re looking to increase the size of your penis, then look no further than the device!


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