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5G Male Review – Invigorate Your Sex Life with This All-Natural Penis Enhancer

There are many factors that contribute to keeping a happy and long-lasting relationship. One of the most intimate moments you can share with your partner is your sex life. For men, one of the biggest issues that they can face is the serious decline in testosterone as they age.

Testosterone plays many roles in keeping a man happy and healthy. Some of the issues that a decline can cause are commonly seen in the bedroom. You can experience issues like a decline in sex life, unable to keep or get an erection, stamina during sex, and feelings of inadequacy.

This is a reality that many men face, which leaves them searching for a multitude of alternatives. Due to the huge demand, the markets are overflowing with options, making it difficult to find a real solution.

Most of the alternatives are medications that simply don’t work or have long-lasting side effects. Some other options may even include expensive and invasive surgeries. This has left many men skeptical and hopeless to finding a solution.

5G Male has been on the rise in the market of natural penis enlargement pills. With its popularity on the rise, it has claimed very promising results. Claiming to have realistic results, with scientific research providing you with the confidence of enhancing your penis.

In order to provide you with the assurance you are seeking, we decided to take a closer look into 5G Male. This all-natural supplement has been growing in popularity over the years. We picked it up with the intention of learning what it is, who made it, what’s inside it, and the science behind its benefits.

Read on to see the in-depth review of the 5G Male supplement!

What is 5G Male?

The formula behind 5G Male was invented by a Vietnam veteran named Dave. During his stay in Vietnam, he experienced many different facets of the culture. Mainly, the food, which leads him to discover some amazing improvements in different areas of his life.

One of the significant improvements he noticed with the food he was ingesting was in his sexual life. Through various food verities and combinations, he came up with the ideas of what he called “erection superfoods”.

This included five different superfoods that when combined guaranteed that he could have and maintain rock-hard erections. These “erection superfoods” all started with the letter G and there were only five of them, which lead him to create the name 5G Male.

When Dave returned, he decided to bring back the discoveries he made between these amazing foods and their benefits. He gathered a team of scholars and researchers and officially launched his supplement of 5G Male.

How Does 5G Male Work?

The creators behind 5G Male wanted to produce a solution that wasn’t dependent on chemical compounds or invasive methods. All these are not only potentially dangerous to your penis but could create long-term serious medical complications.

As we all know, there are many common factors that contribute to the overall decrease in sexual prowess and other sex-related problems. Some of the issues can arise from age, stress, anxiety, blood circulation, or metabolism. Or perhaps you are one of many that are just simply unhappy with your measurements.

Through the combination of natural ingredients from tropical plants and herbs, this supplement’s intended use is to help enhance your erections. It is able to do this by naturally boosting and restoring your testosterone and libido levels throughout your body. It also improves your hormonal levels allowing you to achieve improved sexual performance.

5G Male is a completely all-natural dietary supplement designed to help men enhance their penis size and sex life. While naturally enhancing your penis size you can experience many other benefits of this supplement.

What Are the Core Benefits of 5G Male?

The range of benefits that 5G Male is pretty comprehensive when you break down each ingredient. Though its target structurally is to grow your penis in size, there are many other proven benefits you can gain from taking this supplement.

Let’s take a moment to break down the core benefits that you can expect from taking 5G Male.

These benefits include:

  • Boosting your sperm and testosterone levels
  • Boost in confidence
  • Improved stamina
  • Improving your sexual desire and libido
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Increase in penis size
  • Increase in penis length and girth
  • Harder erections

The Ingredients inside of 5G Male

5G Male is composed of a few different all-natural ingredients. There are five main key active ingredients inside 5G Male.

These include:

Vietnamese Garlic

Garlic is a common ingredient that we use regularly in our cooking. Vietnamese garlic is said to have a higher potency than any other garlic.

There are many health benefits to taking garlic such as improving your immune system and treating fatigue. However, it is used in 5G Male as a catalyst to improving the duration and strength of your erections.

Garlic contains a compound known as allicin. Which when ingested its properties are known to keep your arteries and blood vessels clean. Thus, allowing better blood flow to your penis, allowing you to have amazing erections.

Gingko Leaves

Gingko Leaves also known as Maidenhair Tree Leaves. Its medicinal properties include treatments for heart disease, arthritis, and strokes. It has also been widely used to help treat erectile dysfunction.

In 5G Male, they use gingko leaves to help give you more frequent and faster erections. These leaves also release nitric oxide into your blood system, which can further strengthen blood flow throughout your penis and body.


Ginseng has become popular recently for its amazing health benefits. Ginseng is known in the male enhancement world for its treatment against erectile dysfunction.

It contains antioxidant properties that help relieve inflammatory issues. It can make your erections thicker, harder, and more frequent. Allowing you to maintain great erections and last longer in the bed.

Green Tea

Green Tea has been used throughout the world for its massive amounts of health benefits. One of the lesser talked about benefits of green tea, is its ability to enhance erections.

It contains a compound known as EGCG, known to be able to strengthen the blood vessels in your penis and throughout your body. By doing this also helps more blood be able to flow freely to your penis. Keeping your penis harder and enhancing the duration of how long your penis stays hard.


Ginger is a common ingredient used in many dishes and contains many medicinal properties. It is known to be able to regulate blood sugar levels and protect against heart diseases. Additionally, it has been used to help boost your libido.

Studies have shown that ginger can act as a vasodilator. This means it can expand your blood vessels to help blood flow faster to your penis. Ginger can also boost your testosterone levels and increase your sperm count.

Is 5G Male Safe?


5G Male was created on a foundation of all-natural ingredients. Each is carefully incorporated in an easy-to-take pill with no side effects linked with its usage.

This supplement has undergone extensive studies and trials before it was trusted to become a leading product in the market. It has yielded very successful reports from its testing and users. It is completely safe to take.

How Long Does 5G Male Take to Work?

The answer to this question is going to be generalized from person to person. There are many variables that affect the ability of how fast 5G Male will take to work on an individual. Such as your health, digestive system, or your penis size.

In order to see the best results, it is required that you take this supplement daily. Allow your body to fully digest 5G Male into your system. For the majority of male adults, you should begin to see results within four to six weeks.

How Do I Take 5G Male?

Each 5G Male supplement bottle contains thirty serving sizes. The recommended dosage is to only take one capsule per day. It Is suggested that you take this during a meal with water, to provide optimum digestive abilities.

This supplement is intended for male consumption only. You should not take this if you are under the age of eighteen. If you have any heart conditions or medical conditions, you should consult with your physician before starting this supplement.

Where Can I Buy 5G Male?

The creators are proud to announce that all of their sourcing and production is strictly out of the United States. For this reason, they have not allowed their product to be outsourced or allowed to be bought from any other site.

5G Male can only be purchased through its official website: 5G Male. They offer the buyer several different packages that they can choose from. Each of these options includes a better price and the option of better shipping with each cost.

Basic Package: $69.95 plus $6.95 in USA Shipping. This is for a one-month supply

Standard Package: Three bottles for a total of $179 at $59.67 per bottle. This is for a three-month supply, with free shipping.

Premium Package: Six bottles for a total of $297 at $49.50 per bottle. This is for a six-month supply, with free shipping.

The creators behind 5G Male are so confident in their male enhancement supplement they provide their users with a one hundred percent money-back guarantee!

They allow their users ninety days or three full months to completely try and test out their supplement. If you are not satisfied with your results, you can get your money back no questions asked.

Along with the 5G Male supplement purchase, you will also receive seven complimentary gifts at absolutely no cost to you. They offered these gifts to ensure that you will have the best sexual experiences of your life after taking this supplement.

These free gifts include 5G Enhancement Bible, Multiplier Method, The XXL Formula, Magic Words That Drive Her Wild, “Text To Sex” Course, Female Confessions, Become Supernatural: Extreme Sexual Performance Secrets from Playboy Radio Host and Jessica J.

Our Final Thoughts

5G Male has established itself as a reputable supplement in the world of male enhancement. It has created a high standard in security for its users through its effectiveness. Its creators also wanted to give you assurance and empowerment, by providing you free tools to boost your sex life outside of just taking their supplement alone.

If you are tired of searching for the answer to not only enhancing your penis size, but your overall sex life, look no further than 5G Male.

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