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Performance Lab – The Complete Supplement Solution That Really Works!

When it comes to picking supplements that help to improve your health, many people can quickly become overwhelmed with the large range of niche options out there to choose from. Because of this, many people fail to pick the supplements that will truly help them to live a healthier life.

Yet despite this, whilst many supplements on the market today work to provide incredibly specific benefits, there are a few larger supplement providers that can provide a more broad-stroke line up of products.

One of the most popular complete supplement line ups on the market today comes to us from Performance Lab. The Performance Lab brand has consistently stayed at the forefront of providing all supplements men and women could need to maintain perfect health.

As with any highly popular supplement brand, we knew we had to get a closer look. So, we picked up the entire Performance Lab supplement line up, with the intention of learning what they offer, how they work, how safe they are, and the science behind their benefits.
Read on to see our review of the Performance Lab supplement range!

Performance Lab – Who Are They?

Performance Lab is the leading general health support supplement company in the UK, taking a significant amount of the market share. Their team of nutritional, health, and supplement experts manage to stay on the cutting edge of what supplements can provide.

They have cultivated many unique formulas over the years, and now focus on two key line ups of supplement products. Their SPORT range, and CORE range. Providing support for both the active, and those looking to simply improve their health.

The company has been around for over a decade, and through its history, has seen a steady rise in popularity. It stands on a foundation of proven results, and exceptional formula quality.

Compared to many other supplement brands on the market, Performance Lab’s confidence is easy to spot. They use simple, dressed down branding for their products. As well as provide the full ingredient list, and breakdown of the science behind those formulas, on their official website.

How Do Performance Lab Supplements Work?

All of the Performance Lab supplements approach how they work in the same, traditional fashion. This means that they rely on their natural formula absorbing into your system, to then provide you the results that are tied to the ingredients inside.

The nutritional team behind the Performance Lab supplements have ensured, with a dense body of medical research to back them up, that all of the ingredients inside their supplements help to provide the benefits that strive to.

This means it’s as simple as taking the supplements, and waiting for the natural ingredients and compounds to do their job.

What Do Performance Lab Offer?

There are two core supplement ranges that Performance Lab offers. This is the CORE and SPORT range. Let’s explore what each of those supplement line ups offer, and the supplements found within.

The CORE Range

The CORE range of supplements from Performance Lab is designed to help address many underlying health issues that all humans face. The CORE range strives to be a one-stop-shop for anybody to go, and improve their health.

The supplements found within the CORE range include everything from cognitive boosters, to vision enhancers, sleep improvement supplements, low energy levels, and more.

All of the supplements within the CORE range use simple, easy-to-understand names. Making it a quick process to understand what the supplement offers, and how it can help you.

The full CORE range of supplements include:

  • Energy
  • Mind
  • Sleep
  • MCT
  • Omega 3
  • Stim
  • Prebiotic
  • Flex
  • Vision
  • NutriGenesis Multi for Women
  • NutriGenesis Multi for Men

The SPORT Range

The SPORT range of supplements designed by Performance Lab are a little different to the CORE range. As they strive to offer all-natural support for those looking to improve their fitness health, as well as lose weight.

Whilst the goals of the SPORT range are more specific in nature, they still take a broad approach in how they offer their benefits. Using all-natural formulas that anyone can pick up, and receive the life-changing benefits from.

The full range of SPORT Performance Lab supplements consists of:

  • Protein
  • Carb
  • BCAA
  • Pre
  • Post
  • Maintain

Akin to the CORE range, the SPORT range uses simply, easy-to-understand naming conventions. Making is a straight-forward process for you to pick out, and utilize, the supplements that will make the most impact on your fitness efforts.

Who Are Performance Lab Supplements Designed For?

The supplements are designed for anybody over the age of eighteen.
The two primary ranges supplied by Performance Lab, the SPORT, and CORE range, target different groups specifically. However, they do not personally target specific age groups, genders, or health levels.

The CORE range is designed as a broad-stroke general health improvement line up, providing a wide range of supplements that help anybody improve their health. As well as targeting many of the most common underlying factors people struggle with, when it comes to their health.

The SPORT range is more tailored towards helping people looking to get fit, and make the most out of their workout. As well as those that may be looking for increase the rate at which they lose weight.

Are Performance Lab Supplements Safe?

All of the Performance Lab supplements are completely risk-free.
This is because the Performance Lab range use all-natural formulas, and there are no side-effects linked with any of these ingredients.

The entire Performance Lab product range has undergone a wide range of clinical and industry specific trials, as well as being sold to tens of thousands all over the world. No side-effects have ever been reported from either of these sources.

Important: Do not take any of the Performance Lab supplements if you are under the age of eighteen, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

How Long Until You See Results?

Because there are a wide range of Performance Lab products, it is difficult to truly give an answer to this question. Furthermore, due to the all-natural formula behind these supplements, many of them rely heavily on your digestive health. Because of this, your experience may differ.

Many of the stimulant, energy, pre-workout, and post-workout supplements in the Performance Lab line-up will work instantly. However, for the majority of the other supplements Performance Lab offers, you’ll need to have a little patience.

The majority of users will begin to see results after the first two weeks of use, with the full benefits of the supplements taking root around the four-to-six-week mark.

The Pros and Cons

Let’s take a step back, and apply a more broad-stroke approach to how we look at the Performance Lab supplements. Here are some Pros and Cons that apply to the entire range that Performance Lab has to offer:


  • Clean and transparent formula with no hidden additions
  • Allergen-free
  • No risk of potential mega-dosing
  • All proteins are sourced from plant-based options
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Low-carb formula designs
  • Performance Lab uses a range of high-quality natural ingredients
  • No stimulants are used in any supplement
  • Effective dosage regiments
  • Affordable premium products, with generous bulk package deals
  • Completely risk-free
  • Vegan friendly!
  • Provides a complete health and fitness package for being from all walks of life
  • Non-GMO, non-irradiated ingredients


  • You can only buy Performance Lab from the official website
  • Some supplements can be a little pricey, compared to other retail options
  • The Performance Lab range can be limited, for those with more niche supplement requirements.

Where Can I Buy Performance Lab?

You can buy all of the Performance Lab supplements from their official website.
Due to the wide range of Performance Lab products, there is no one price point for them. However, package deals are provided for those looking to pick up large amounts of the SPORT or CORE range.

One-month packages of supplements cost between $29 to $59, with discounts offered for a two-month package, and a free bottle provided for a four-month package.

If you’d like to explore the exact cost of each supplement on both the SPORT and CORE product pages. Simply click the ‘Learn More’ button within those links.

Our Final Verdict

It’s not often that we come across a complete supplement package like what It offers. Due to the wide range of products, we wanted to make sure to take our time and do a deep dive on Performance Lab’s range to ensure they truly offered their promised results.

Having looked into the range of supplements, it’s not hard to see why this company is considered one of the UK’s best supplement companies around. They offer incredible supplements, with revolutionary formulas at their backs.

With such a foundation of impressive results, It should be everybody’s first choice when it comes to supporting their general and fitness health.

If you’re looking to start improving your health, and don’t know where to get started, we couldn’t recommended the Lab range enough!

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